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Choose a quiet space, if possible, such as a conference or meeting room. Each therapist will require about a 6’ square area to work.

You may want the event to be a group session or a create separate spaces for each therapist. Also, indirect low lighting is preferred. 

In events such as a health fair, most are not in a quiet area. In events such as these, it is perfectly ok. 

Please select a date for your event. The middle of the work week is most desirable but any time is fine. 


The best time of day for a workplace chair massage event is 10 AM to 4 PM. 


Also, choose a time length for your chair massage. The standard is 15-20 minutes each. We do not recommend less than 10 minutes or more than 30, but if time and costs are an issue, you may do so.  

Try to estimate the number of participants. Remember that not everyone can or will want to have a chair massage. When the cost of the massage is paid for, you may expect upwards of 85%+ participationIt is important to have someone coordinate the event and have a prepared list of participants with their scheduled times. 


Each participant must be ready to receive their massage as the time is limited and the next participant is immediately next. Tardiness will be lost massage time.


  1. Identify preferred DATE & TIME

  2. Estimate optimal GUEST LIST

  3. Select a choice VENUE & SPACE


Call or text (804) 334-5797 with details.

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